Sheffield Cardiac Chambers  is a new collaboration of five consultant cardiologists at Claremont Hospital, Sheffield.  We are established cardiologists at the Regional Cardiology Centre in Sheffield with nearly fifty years of experience at NHS Consultant level between us.  We offer early expert assessment and treatment across all of the specialities of modern cardiology.    Sheffield Cardiac Chambers will run three out-patient clinics per week at Claremont Hospital.  SCC will offer all major cardiac services including a one-stop diagnostic service, which is unique in the private sector in South Yorkshire.  We guarantee to see patients within two weeks of referral. Pre-appointment, an individualised  programme of investigations will be arranged tailored to address the clinical question posed by the patient’s symptoms or clinical need.   The patient will be seen by a consultant cardiologist who will use the information from the investigations to form an immediate diagnostic assessment and management plan.

Investigations now available through Claremont Hospital include, electrocardiography, exercise stress testing, echocardiography and 24 hour ambulatory BP and heart rhythm analysis.

In many instances the investigations will be done at the same clinic attendance thus reducing the number of visits to the cardiac clinic and saving the patient’s time.  For some investigations it will be necessary to plan for the tests to be completed in the days preceding the clinic attendance.

Based on our experience at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital we estimate we will be able to deal with over 50% of new patient referrals on a single one-stop visit.  All consultants are experienced general cardiologists with sub-specialist expertise in specific areas as listed below. Referrals can be made to individual clinicians but if required will be triaged to the appropriate specialist.

Our Staff